Welcome To Stratton & Stratton Opticians in Billericay

We are proud of the excellent reputation for outstanding eyecare that previous owner Paul Stratton FCOptom has established in the local community of Billericay since 1985. Under the new directorship of Jaspal Chaggar BSc (Hons) we are continuing to build upon this strong reputation. As the only independently owned opticians in Billericay we pride ourselves on serving the local community with meticulous care and providing an extensive range of quality eyewear in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our staff have been working together for a number of years and have therefore built a truly collaborative and team-focused working culture.  As such they provide invaluable support for the optometrists and also have a great understanding of patient needs.  In our family Practice you are guaranteed the very best of eye care and a fantastic range of glasses to suit all lifestyles and budgets.

retinal photography billericay

Digital Retinal Photography

Digital retinal photography is a sophisticated process that allows us to take a detailed picture of the back of your eye.  We can then accurately compare digital records between visits to detect any small changes in your eyes.

contact lenses billericay

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are simple and convenient to use and expand lifestyle choices. Vision with contact lenses in Billericay can be as good as, or better than with spectacles

dyslexia chromagen

Children’s Vision

Special Tinted Lenses have been proven to be a Life-Changing Aid for people that are dyslexic or struggle with reading problems. Colour vision deficiencies can also be improved with the use of these remarkable lenses.