“When you leave Stratton & Stratton Opticians, we want you to be feel confident about your eyewear choice”

Once you’ve had your eye exam, you’ll have a chance to try out the latest frames. We have a wide range of frames costing from £15 up to £350 for the latest designer eyewear.

You’ll find we’re really competitive about the cost of your glasses, because we know it’s important to you. Don’t worry about taking your time to decide either. We know what it’s like to make a decision about your glasses. You can try on as many frames as you like.

You might also like to ask our experienced team for an expert opinion. They’ll be only too happy to help and it’s sometimes nice to have a second – or even third – opinion.  When you leave Stratton & Stratton Opticians, we want you to be perfectly happy with your eyewear choice.

Once you’re happy with your choice, we’ll take the necessary measurements to ensure your new glasses fit you perfectly and discuss other options you find beneficial, such as anti-glare coating. You’ll get a call from one of our friendly team to arrange a convenient time for you to collect your new glasses as soon as they’re ready. Our dispensing opticians will ensure you’re completely comfortable with your specs.

We can supply all kinds of eyewear, from reading and distance glasses to specialist occupational (computer) lenses and safety glasses.  Over the last few years there have been significant developments in materials used in spectacles and this has led to new designs and concepts as well as new colourings being used in frames.

We are huge fans of the Nikon range of lenses. Find out more about Nikon by clicking on the link.

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