“Superb advice with selecting glasses. I am now wearing varifocals for the first time. The eye test was also excellent and very thorough.”
Catherine Drake, Billericay
“Took very good care and gave me lots of options as I was a new spectacles wearer. Good service from nice people.”
Andy Scott, Billericay
“An extremely helpful optician who explained each prescription for each of my children. All of my children are really happy with their glasses.”
S.C Trickett, Billericay
“Excellent customer service, Thank you very much.”
Anne Walter, Billericay
“As a family, we have been seeing Paul Stratton for 14 years. I think he is now worthy of a break. We met Jas on Saturday and instantly liked him. It’s great news for us that he is offering colour testing and open more hours.”
Kerry Sarramegna, Billericay